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21 Month Update

Let’s ignore the fact that D is now 22 months and I am WAY behind. 

Weight: Still around 26lbs. Skinny dude.

Sleep: Pretty great lately, actually. He typically goes down at bedtime without a fight (around 8:30 pm) and unless he has a night terror or he’s having trouble breathing (this kid has more boogers than the boogeyman) then he usually sleeps straight thru the night until about 8am. He’s a LIGHT sleeper though. Each night, before I go to bed, I check on him. And every time, he stirs a little. I can be as quiet as  a church mouse but he still senses my presence and I always freeze in fear that he’s going to wake up crying. Most of the time, he doesn’t, but it’s still weird how light of a sleeper he is.

Still napping once a day. Sometimes an hour, sometimes three.

Feeding: Still pretty picky. The only veggies we can get in him are through those little squeeze pouches in the baby food section. His favorite foods are still fruits – strawberries and blueberries, mostly. He’s getting more teeth and his molars are almost fully in now, so I think we can start venturing into chewier foods now, but I’m still a little cautious here and haven’t attempted things like steak just yet.

Developments: I feel like we MUST be on the verge of a language explosion because things have been really stagnant here for a very long time. He’s really great at picking out shapes and colors and animals when asked, but he just won’t SAY them. He’ll point to something and say “ninga-ninga-nah!” Over and over again. Which translates to “I want that!” but sounds nowhere close to it. And even though we’ve been done with bottles for ages it seems, he says “ba-ba” for milk. I never taught him that, yet it has somehow stuck. Sigh.

I just feel like this winter has been the longest winter ever and it’s kept us from really taking D out to explore the world around him. We read a lot of books, we recite the same flashcards over and over, we play educational games on the iPad…but there’s only so much you can do in a day and I can’t wait to take him outside to play t-ball, or ride around in his cozy coupe, or point out animals at the zoo instead of in a book.

Firsts This Month: Can’t really think of anything.

Likes: He’s starting to use his imagination more and has started playing with cars the proper way – driving them around instead of throwing them. One of his current favorite toys is a wooden puzzle piece firetruck. He drives it around even though it’s just a block of wood and the wheels are painted on (i.e. don’t move).

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this in the past, but this kid loves shoes. It doesn’t matter if we’re going anywhere or not, but if he sees his shoes lying around, he will insist on putting them on and then runs around the house like a maniac.

Favorite Songs: Pharell’s Come On Get Happy

Favorite Toys: For his birthday last year, my SIL got him a turtle toy that he’s supposed to sit on and ride. He’s just now FINALLY starting to play with it and will sit on it, pressing the buttons, for what seems like an hour. He’s so good at playing by himself. He’ll pile all of his sports balls together and then systematically throw each one down the hall before gathering them up again at the other end and throwing them again.

Dislikes: Oh lots of things. Like being told no. Not getting to watch a video every single time one of us is on the laptop. Not getting to play with the iPad when one of us is using it. Not being able to figure out a game/app on the iPad. Not reading enough books or not reading the same one enough times (my limit is always 5). Basically, if we are not doing or giving him what he wants when he wants it, it’s toddler-meltdown-city.

What I’m Thankful For: That February is over.

What I’m Looking Forward To: March, and seeing D become a big brother.

How Mommy’s Doing: In a word, rough. Not sleeping. Wildly uncomfortable. Typical third trimester complaints, I suppose, but I am SO DONE being pregnant. I can’t play with D like I used to and I can’t do his bedtime routine without some serious help from the hubs. BUT, I’m still really excited to meet our newest family member and become a family of 4.


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