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Let’s Talk About the 2013 MTV VMAs

Alright so I know everyone is either a) tired of hearing about the VMAs or b) didn’t watch it, and doesn’t give two shakes of a rattle about them.

But I don’t care because I just HAVE to talk about it, just for a minute!


1. Lady Gaga opened the show and was shockingly tame in her performance. And though I’m not usually one to comment on body types, girlfriend looked GOOD. She had a little more meat on her bones and for the first time I ever I found myself saying, “Damn, I want to look like Lady Gaga!” P.S. You know it’s a bad sign when Lady Gaga is one of the more “normal” performances of the evening.

2. Miley Cyrus. Tongue. Foam Fingers. Beetlejuice. Creepy Teddy Bears. These are the things nightmares are made of.

3. But thanks to Miley, I now know what “twerking” is.

4. There was a 20 minute Justin Timberlake concert in the middle of the VMAs.

5. NSYNC reunited, but if you stepped away to refill your drink, you probably missed it. JT had 20 minutes and gave those guys all of 110 seconds.

6. Kanye performed. No one cared. But Jared Leto’s intro for him was actually quite amusing.

7. Apparently there was a shortage of A-List celebs in attendance because the cameras only seemed to cut to Taylor Swift and BFF Selena Gomez, The Will Smith Family, and One Direction & Rhianna.

8. One Direction won the award for “Song of the Summer” and Twitter BLEW UP because no one knew the song, making it very clear that my circle of friends are not the target demographic for the VMAs.

9. Taylor Swift became more unlikable when she mouthed the words “Shut the f*ck up” during One Direction’s dialogue and again, when she gloated about her award and took a dig at the ex (one of MANY) that inspired her song. Keep it classy, Tay-Tay.

10. The best thing about the VMAs: An award show FINALLY got the message and didn’t force us to sit through yet another Chris Brown performance. That alone deserves a round of applause.

In full disclosure, I didn’t even make it to the very end of the awards. I only watched so I could catch the NYSNC performance (that’s how MTV is keeping it relevant to us 30-somethings). After that, Drake came on and I realized I didn’t care anymore so I went to bed. Before 10 pm. Because I’m so hip and cool like that.

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I had grand plans to do a detailed best and worst dressed of the Oscars this week, but after sitting through the red carpet preview and then the show, only two people are worth mentioning.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched the Oscars yet, read this later.






BEST: Jennifer Lawrence

She’s just a good ol Kentucky girl and there’s something so down-to-earth about her that I just love. She looked so elegant and flawless in this dress, and the fact that she tripped and fell going up the stairs to her acceptance speech just made me like her more. I only wish she would’ve spent more time planning her speech, because compared to Daniel Day Lewis’ acceptance speech, she just seemed young and immature. Hopefully she sticks around Hollywood and has many more chances to make a memorable speech.


WORST: Anne Hathaway

I know not everyone is fan of Anne Hathaway, but I personally think she’s (usually) a pretty classy girl. She’s also one of the few women who started out as a Disney kid and made the successful jump into more quality films. Or at least, more challenging roles. Still, even a fan such as myself couldn’t get over this dress. Within 30 seconds of seeing her I immediately noticed her chest and then hopped on Twitter to see if there was any chatter. Sure enough, Anne Hathaway’s nipples were the talk of the red carpet. They even had their own Twitter account. My only question is: How did no one notice this earlier? And why didn’t her stylist/handler/errand girl hand her some pasties STAT? I mean, it was so obvious that I can only assume it was intentional. But why? Haven’t we seen enough of Anne’s private parts?


I cringed when her name was announced for winning the Academy Award because I knew the theater lighting would do her no favors in the nipple region and if anyone skipped over the red carpet preview, they would FOR SURE notice them when she made her acceptance speech. Sigh. Sorry Anne, but without pasties, you have definitely won the award for worst dressed.

Other than that, everything else was pretty predictable. Seth Macfarlane was mildly offensive, Adele knocked it out of the park and now has an Oscar to add to her ridiculous awards collection, Quentin Tarantino made me unsure of whether or not I like him or just think he’s crazy, and the Academy made up for snubbing Ben Affleck for best director by giving his film the best movie award.

In other news, I neglected to post my weekly weigh-in last week but that’s probably because nothing really changed. By mid-week I was down 2 lbs, but by Sunday I was back up. This week was much of the same, but I was down 1 lbs on Sunday so we’ll go with that number, even though I ate like crap the rest of the day.

Week 8 (since I skipped week 7): -1 lbs lost

Total lbs lost: 8 lbs

Total lbs to go: 32 lbs


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Mommy Crushes

Right after I found out I was pregnant, I subscribed to a bunch of new blogs. Some were on parenting, some were on nursery design, and some were just pure guilty pleasures, like Celebrity Baby Scoop and Celeb Baby Laundry. Thanks to those two sites, and my weekly subscription to US Weekly, I’ve developed a few “mommy crushes” on certain celebrities.

1. Reese Witherspoon – She’s been a mom for 13 years now and just gave birth to her third child. She’s been through a very public and nasty divorce, and yet the girl just always looks like a ray of sunshine. But not TOO perfect (like, Victoria Beckham fembot perfect). Her kids seem happy. She seems happy. And next time I’m pregnant, I want to borrow all of her maternity clothes.

2. Jennifer Garner – Have you ever seen a more “real” celebrity mom than Jennifer? Of course she may be one of the most photographed moms out there right now, which I’m sure she hates, but I just love seeing her out and about with her kiddos. I watched a recent interview with her on Ellen and you just gotta love how open and honest she is. Does she appear to have it all together? No way. She couldn’t possibly. But she seems loving and genuine and doesn’t seem to rely on a lot of paid help to nanny her kids. She’s a present parent, and I love that about her.

3. Camila Alves – Pregnant with her third, she always looks cool and flawless with a laid back attitude. And their babies are simply adorable! I’d never heard of her until she became an item with Matthew McConaughey but I can see why he married her. That girl can make a paper sack look good. I’m a little jealous of their life and how easy they make parenting seem, without being obnoxious about it.

4. Miranda Kerr – Ok, so I almost didn’t put her on here because she is just TOO perfect. A Victoria’s Secret model who is married to a handsome young actor with one of the most adorable babies I’ve ever seen. Not only was she gorgeous pre-pregnancy, but during her pregnancy and after, it’s like she became even MORE beautiful! So it’s hard not to hate her for those reasons. However, she was on the Ellen show too (can you tell what’s on my DVR every day?) and I have to say, after watching her and how effortless she is, I really like her. Her baby was huge (about 10lbs at birth) so for some reason I automatically feel connected to women who have birthed big babies, and while it’s incredibly unfair, it’s clear that she was just blessed with good genetics. She can go from doting mom to hottest woman in the room with just a quick wardrobe change and a pair of heels. She also wrote a book on self improvement directed toward young girls, and while I haven’t read it, the reviews are great and I would probably consider buying it for any young woman I know struggling with self-confidence.

While I know it’s a really bad idea to ever compare yourself and your life to that of a celebrity, with these particular women, I don’t necessarily compare as much as I look at them as inspiration. Proof that once you become a mom, your identity and your beauty is not lost. It’s just different. And in these cases, different is actually better. Do I identify with the exhausted mom, schlepping to the grocery store with bags under her eyes, hair in a pony tail wearing tattered sweat pants and her husband’s t-shirt from 1999? Absolutely. I am that mom most of the time, simply because I’m lazy and see no reason to get dressed up if I’m just going to Walmart. (And by dressed up, I mean wearing jeans, a little makeup and some jewelry. Not curling my hair or strapping on a mini skirt and heels here.) But would it kill me to spend an extra 5 or 10 minutes getting ready? Wouldn’t I feel better about myself if I put in a little extra effort? Isn’t it worth it? Aren’t I worth it? These ladies do it, and most of them have more than one kid AND a career, so why can’t I?

And then I remember that I really only have one pair of jeans that fit and they’re usually dirty, so sweat pants it is!

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Goodbye, Steve Jobs

The world lost a true visionary yesterday. The news has been everywhere. My entire Twitter stream was flooded with adoration, my Facebook feed filled with surprise and sadness, the morning radio playing clips from old speeches, the news channels busting into baseball playoff games to make an important announcement.  All filled with respect and a sense of loss.

But then, I saw a few comments that made me irritated. One person posted “RIP for the children that died of famine in Africa.” Another person posted about how no other cancer victims that die today, tomorrow, the next day, will be talked about on Facebook and how sad that is. And while I get the point – one life is no more or less valuable than any other life – I still find the comments to be in bad taste because they don’t get the point everyone else is trying to express: That this man was extraordinary. It’s not about this death. Dying is not extraordinary. It’s about the life he lived, and the realization that it is over.

Steve Jobs changed the way we use technology, the way we listen to music, the way we watch movies (nod to Pixar), the way we communicate with each other, and the way we operate business. His inventions have touched the lives of so many people around the world, either directly or indirectly. He followed his dreams and he created things that people didn’t even know they wanted – yet once we saw it, we instantly needed it. It’s like my husband said, he’s our modern day Thomas Edison.

More than that though, he’s the embodiment of inspiration. When I think of Steve Jobs, I think of a man that created a technology empire. Apple fans are very adamant about their products and it’s almost like a cult following. He’s admired by CEOs around the world – even his competitors.

I read a blog post today by a woman with a son that’s in kindergarten. Her son has adored Steve Jobs for a long time. She even refers to Jobs as “Apple’s Dumbledore.” For all intents and purposes, Steve Jobs is this boy’s hero. Imagine her heartbreak at having to tell yesterday’s news to her son. I nearly cried reading it. I read another post, about her son learning of Jobs’ resignation as CEO and there was a line in there that explained it perfectly. Why it’s not only okay, but imperative that we recognize, respect, and honor a great life:

“Because without dreamers like him today, there would be no inspiration for the dreamers of tomorrow.”

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(I’m still sorting through our vacay pics, but in the meantime, let’s look at all the happy.)

Happiness is…

A very realistic dream where I was hanging out with Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy. More importantly, James McAvoy. I almost never have dreams that involve handsome men. Especially not handsome, famous, SCOTTISH men. Le sigh. Stupid alarm clock.


New boots! I’m not much of a shopoholic, but the desire to buy at least five new pairs of boots is hitting me hard. I covet these immensely and plan to purchase something similar this weekend. These are Aerosoles. You see, I’m experiencing some slight foot pain and I think these would be both stylish AND comfortable. I’m all about the comfort, baby.

We just signed up for AT&T U-verse service. I’ve been wanting this for at least a year, and it’s finally available in my neighborhood. More HD channels! DVR! DVR on ALL three of our TVs! And for less than $20 more than I’m paying for basic service (with no DVR) with Charter. I’m so excited for the switch! And to finally have a DVR! Bye bye Charter!

Speaking of TV…

I can’t wait to veg out on the couch with my hubby and just relax and catch up on some movie rentals this weekend.

So what’s making you happy lately?

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There Are No Words

I’m sure by now everyone has heard the news. Michael Jackson, an American icon, and in my opinion, THE American icon, has died.

And I? Am devastated. Which should come as no surprise to most of you after hearing me confess my love for the 80’s multiple times.

When I was little, my mom would sing to me, but she only had two songs she liked to sing. One was a lullaby – I called it the pretty horses lullaby. The other was ABC by the Jackson 5. As I grew older, I would listen to Michael’s music on the radio, but it wasn’t until I was 14 and we finally got cable(hello MTV and VH1) that I fell in love with MJ. I remember back in the mid 90’s, VH1 played a 48 hour Michael Jackson marathon. For the entire weekend it was nothing but Michael Jackson music videos, concert footage and short movies that he had made. And I recorded every video and the full concert from the Dangerous tour in Bucharest (’92). I shamlessly practiced the moonwalk and other dance moves, namely those to Thriller and Smooth Criminal.  Sometimes I would just watch in pure awe and amazement that so much talent could exist in one human being. It was around that time that I saved up enough money to buy the History album – a two-disk greatest hits-type album that was about $40, more than I had ever spent on a CD or on much of anything at that time. Eventually I bought other albums. Bad, Dangerous, and The Jackson 5 greatest hits. When Invincible came out, I bought that too.

All that to say, I’m a fan. And despite all the rumors and lawsuits, I truly never believed he was guilty, and still don’t. It’s not a popular belief, but neither is dancing in your basement to old Michael Jackson videos. I’ve always considered him the most talented entertainer to ever live.

I always thought he would make a comeback. Do a sell-out tour somewhere, put out a couple of new songs and eventually another album. I had high hopes and expectations and never in my wildest dreams did I imagine today would come so soon. When I heard about the London shows, I tried to get tickets. I was willing to fly to London JUST to see Michael Jackson perform. But, they were sold out. I was a little bummed but I assumed there would be other chances. Like I said, I never thought today would come. He was larger than life in my eyes. Death was not an option.

But apparently it is. And it’s strange to feel this sad over someone I never knew, but I do. He was more iconic than anyone else living today. A living legend, who is now, just a legend. I’m sad. I’m heartbroken. It’s more than just the death of a man. It’s the end of an era. The King of Pop is gone forever and I just can’t quite grasp it, or maybe I don’t want to.

I also don’t want to forget the other legends that passed away this week – Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett. RIP you two.

I read something on Twitter that made me smile this evening, so I’ll leave you with this:

Somewhere in heaven Johnny Carson has a great show tonite. His sidekick back, an angel for a first guest, and a thriller of a musical act.

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In 1988, a movie came out that would quickly become one of my childhood favorites:


“Hot to Trot” features a talking race horse and a funny-talking main character (the actor and comedian otherwise known as Bobcat Goldthwait).

Do you know this movie? It’s okay if you don’t. But I? Loved this movie. And like all obsessive little children, I had to know everything about the real actor – Bobcat Goldthwait – so I could collect all of his movies and watch them repeatedly. But since I was only 6 when this movie came out and admittedly, I could barely read, it would be about 10  more years, once we finally got a magical thing called “The Internet” , before I could let my true celebrity obsession show. Enter EBay. The place that saw nearly every last dollar that I ever made working at the local movie theater.

I have no shame in admitting that I bought videos (Scrooged, Shakes the Clown, One Crazy Summer), HBO specials, and even an autographed photo of the guy. I just liked him. I can’t explain why.

At the time, I think he was doing the voice of the bunny on a show called Unhappily Ever After and I just sort of forgot about him until my annual viewing of Scrooged around Christmas time when I would think to myself  “I wonder what old Bobcat is up to these days.” Yes, I realize I’m not normal.

Last Friday morning, my alarm went off and just like I always do, I flipped on the TV and laid there with my eyes closed as I waited for the Today Show music to start.  I listened to the anchors babble on about the weather or sports or whatever it is they talk about until I heard a name that made me take notice: Bobcat Goldthwait was in town and would be performing two nights of stand-up comedy at JBucks restaurant. And that was that. We were going, end of story.

As for Bobcat? He did not disappoint. I felt kind of bad that whomever was responsible for promoting his act didn’t do such a hot job because there were only 21 people in the audience, but he still put on a good show. Though I almost cried a little when he said he was put in comedy jail for nine years after that damn talking horse movie. (Whatever man, I can attest that 6 and 7 year olds around the world loved that movie.) So Bobcat is a director now with a new movie featuring Robin Williams that’s due out later this year called “World’s Greatest Dad” which I fully intend to see. At the end of the show, he was nice enough to hang out, sign autographs and take pictures. I was the first one to approach him and confess what  a big fan I am. I’d like to think he was flattered and not creeped out but who knows. I was a teensy bit excited.

My hubz tried to snap a pic with my iPhone. Apparently I need to teach him how NOT to cut off part of my head when taking photos. And also to maybe lay off the caffeine because apparently he has the shakes too, as evidenced by all the blurriness.


And for a little piece of 80’s nostalgia, here’s a great clip of Bobcat doing some standup. Ah, the wonders of YouTube.

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Let’s say you are walking through the airport and spot an elderly man who looks strangely familiar. Within moments a proverbial lightbulb appears over your head as you realize who it is he resembles. You think with complete conviction, “Yes! That’s him! That’s got to be him!”

Then it takes you another moment or two to recall that the man you think he is, isn’t really a man at all. In fact, he’s not even human.

Today, I could have sworn I saw Waldorf (pictured left).


And it took me a second before I realized that it couldn’t have been Waldorf because Waldorf is a muppet and muppets don’t sit in airports wearing bermuda shorts and talking on a cell phone.

Or do they?

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Clooney Watch

St. Louis doesn’t see many celebrities. We hang our hat oversized sunglasses on musicians like Nelly and Chuck Berry (which, by the way, I can’t believe I just grouped the two of them in the same sentence), and movie stars like John Goodman and…Brad Pitt? (Hey, he’s from Missouri. Close enough.) If I’m not mistaken – which I definitely could be – the last movie to be filmed here was a movie featuring Jessica Alba called Bill. Didn’t see it? That’s okay, neither did I.

But, the cosemetically-enhanced Hollywood Gods have smiled upon the city once again and brought us Midwestern women one of the finest specimens of the male species: George Clooney. Yep, he’s here, right in my very own city. And the women folk in this city? They are going CAH-RAY-ZEE! Except for me, of course. It’s just George Clooney. It’s not like John Stamos is in town or anything. No need to get all worked up over a small-time, semi-attractive actor like George.

Oh who the hell am I kidding? George has spent the majority of this week filming downtown and I have made more Starbucks runs in the last week than I have in the last two months. All I can say is, he must not be a Starbucks guy. But had I just been in the right place at the right time, I could have been the one claiming ownership of these photos:



(I don’t know who took these photos so the best I can do is attribute them to Mr. or Ms. One Lucky Bitch or Bastard)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some Clooney stalking weekend planning to do. And maybe one more Starbucks run, just in case.

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Oscars 2009

Let’s start with the red carpet.

First of all, while I love E!, I completely despise Ryan Seacrest. I also think E! should strongly consider hiring another interviewer for events where Brangelina might appear because apparently Angelina also despises Ryan Seacrest and continues to snub him. The first time was at the Golden Globes. This time, Seacrest was able to scream a question at Brad who politely (and quickly) answered and walked on. Angelina would not allow herself to even be in the background of the camera shot. So E!, unless you want to continue missing out on precious Brangelina interviews, get someone other than Ryan Seacrest!!

Another idiot moment for Seacrest was when he interviewed Marisa Tomei (who looked gorgeous, as always). He asked her what it was like to be back at the Oscars after so many years and said that the last time she was here was “what? In 1993 for My Cousin Vinny? How does it feel?” to which she replied, slightly annoyed “well I have been here since then, but it’s great.” But what she should’ve said was “Hey asshole, I was here in 2002 when I was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for my 2001 movie, In the Bedroom. Dipshit.” Clearly, Marisa is a much classier woman than me.

Ugh. I really wish other stations would cover the entire red carpet event so I don’t have to subject myself to the stupidity that is Ryan Seacrest.

Moving on…

The dresses!

Brangelina, looking gorgeous as always.


(all images courtesy PerezHilton.com.)

But my favorite dress for the evening was worn by Kate Winslet.


Love the charcoal color, love the layers…very elegant.

Other honorable mentions include:

Beyonce: Though I think I would’ve liked a different pattern/color better, the woman knows how to dress for her body type.


Frieda Pinto: Loved this color but the one arm see-through sleeve makes me itchy. Still beautiful though.friedapinto

I have to admit that I actually had to remind myself what Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress looked like because all I remember about her is: BOOBS!


You can’t tell from this picture, but SJP described the color as “barely mint.”

I could go on and on about the dresses I DIDN’T like, but I’ll save us all some time and just post my most “What the hell was she thinking?” dress:


Miley Cyrus, you’ve managed to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. Again.

Other notables from the night:

  • Awkward was how Jennifer Aniston looked while presenting just 10 feet from her former husband and the homewrecker.  I was kind of hoping to see her go ballistic and jump down from the stage, emerging into a chatoic cat fight. Angelina probably would’ve won though, but that’s just because I bet she fights dirty.
  • Hugh Jackman did a fantastic job as host. Though I prefer it when comedians host the awards, I think he held his own. And his accent is adorable.
  • Sean Penn neglected to thank his wife during his acceptance speech. I smell a divorce in their future. But this time, for real. None of this filing papers and then reconciling bullshit. I bet they’re kaput before next year’s awards.
  • The Seth Rogan/James Franco short was funny. Stupid, but funny.
  • Tina Fey and Steve Martin. LOVE!
  • Robert Pattinson still managed to look like a vampire. He was just a vampire in a tux. His teeth! They’re so…pointy.
  • Kate Winslet and Penelope Cruz had the best acceptance speeches. They were just so genuinely happy and nervous and cute. I never liked Penelope until I saw Vicky Cristina Barcelona but now, I think I can stand her. And part of me wanted to see Anne Hathaway win, but only because she was just so darn excited to be there.
  • And the big winner of the night: Slumdog Millionaire. I admit that I haven’t seen it yet, but after watching all of the interviews and hearing all of the reviews, I really wanted this movie to win. And it did!

What did you think of the awards?

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