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Fall Fun List

Some people call it a bucket list. I prefer a “Fall Fun List.”  Whatever you want to call it, here’s my list.

Fall Fun List 1

Fortunately, we’ve already done most of these things and we have plans to do all of them by the end of the week! (Yes, even WIN THE WORLD SERIES! Go Cards!)

What’s on your Fall Fun List?

(To make your own, check out this lovely blogger.)

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Feeling Behind

Happy Obamacare Day!! Oh…wait…um…never mind.

Happy October! I can’t believe it’s October already. Only three months left in the year. We have a lot going on this month – Finding out the baby’s gender, taking D to get evaluated by a physical therapist (more on that in his monthly update post coming up), our (mostly) annual Halloween party, a trip to Colorado for a friend’s wedding, potential family photo shoot for Xmas cards, and trick-or-treating on Halloween. It’s about to get crazy folks, and I’m both excited and exhausted already.

Speaking of exhausted, I didn’t end up posting a Five on Friday last week because we had a little celebratory birthday dinner for the hubs on Thursday night and then I had to rush through work on Friday before heading out of town for my step-dad’s 60th birthday party on Saturday. We got to my parents’ house around 9pm their time and let’s just say there was still much work to be done. We ended up cleaning until 11:30 and then I spent most of Saturday morning decorating while my parents ran errands, getting last minute things from the grocery store and the party supplies place. I was exhausted before the party even started! The biggest surprise though wasn’t even for my step-dad. Since my husband’s birthday was just two days before, his entire family drove the 4.5 hours to my parents’ house to surprise him. So basically 10 extra people, in addition to the almost 20 that were already coming to the party.  It was crazy and fun and I’m glad my parents are finally putting their lives back together after the disastrous last year and a half they’ve had, essentially tearing down parts of their house and living out of garbage bags. (Neither of these are exaggerations.) My only complaint is that I wish my husband was one of those people whose reactions to something surprising is just priceless. Instead, he just gets this very confused look on his face and just says, “Huh. Ok.” No big “OH MY GOD I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!” No tears of joy. Just, “Huh.”  Totally unsatisfying for someone like me who lives for the reaction. 

Even though we got home at a decent hour Sunday night (8:30pm) I still feel like I’m recovering. Of course this means that work has picked up at the office a bit and I’m starting to get that general feeling of just being…behind. Like I can’t quite catch up and as someone who thinks our society glorifies being “too busy” and prides herself on being fairly decent at time management, this is not something I’m very comfortable with. So I’m hoping to take some time this week to get caught up on things. Organize my email and my desktop. Clean out my feed reader. Download the pics from my good camera. Swap out the clothes in my closet and dig out those old maternity clothes. Go grocery shopping and start bringing my lunch again instead of paying almost $10 a day for lunch. All little things but in my sheltered world, those little things add up to big things, like an overall sense of calm and accomplishment.

So I’m starting off this month feeling a little bit behind, but that’s sort of what I love about a new month and the motivation it gives me to get my shit back together and refocus on the fun things in life. Get ready, October. I’m comin’ at ya. 

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I Live for the Weekend

Another great fall weekend in the books!

Friday: It was rainy and gloomy all day so I assumed we’d end up staying in and possibly watch a movie after the babers went to bed. Instead, the clouds cleared and we thought (hoped) that the crowds at the annual balloon glow wouldn’t be so bad, so we decided to go. (The balloon glow is held the night before the Great Forest Park Balloon Race, where all the balloons are inflated and lit up for people to come by and check out. They just look stunning at night. ) We went last year so we figured we’d make it an annual tradition. Unfortunately, the weather did absolutely nothing to deter the crowds and it was probably worse than the year before. We sat in traffic for about an hour before we finally found a parking spot. It’s such a cool thing to see though, and D really enjoyed it so I guess it was worth it.


Saturday: Cinnamon rolls for breakfast, followed by some good old fashioned lounging around the house, an afternoon nap, and then a trip to the Old Webster Groves Jazz & Blues festival. The weather was just too perfect to sit inside ALL day (though I did enjoy that nap). Although D still isn’t walking by himself yet, that doesn’t mean he likes to sit contentedly in his stroller. Oh no. He likes to be out, standing or walking with one of us holding his hand for support. At one point, as we were sitting, enjoying the music and chowing down on various festival foods, D started bopping up and down to the music while holding onto our legs. I guess he’s a jazz fan!


The crowd really wasn’t all that bad, and there were a ton of dogs and other little kids for D to watch and laugh at. On top of that, we just had a good time exploring a part of St. Louis that was actually quite new to us. After we got our fill of the festival, we walked a few blocks to a popular pizza joint and had the most delicious fig and prosciutto pizza (the “porky fig”). Then it was back home so the hubs could have a sports night, flipping between his beloved Michigan Wolverines game and the Cardinals game. (Both teams won!)

Sunday: Another morning of cinnamon rolls for breakfast (I’m addicted), followed by a trip to Herman’s Farm to meet up with a couple of friends for more apple picking. (Can you believe almost all of the apples we picked last weekend are almost gone?? I’ve been on an apple kick lately.) Herman’s Farm is a small farm that really looks more like a nursery, but it’s kind of perfect for little kids. They have a “hay ride” which is a bunch of loose straw thrown in the back of a wagon, pulled by a very small tractor. It’s a little silly but the kids love it. They also have a play area with a slide, and a bunch of mini John Deere trikes/tractors/wagons for the kids to play on. Alyssa met us there with her hubby and of course, the adorable AR. Extra special since her name is Autumn and it was, in fact, the first day of Autumn! Angie and her two cuties were also there, and far more adventurous than D when it came to the activities. Her little girl is only two weeks older than D but she climbed to the top of the giant slide and had NO fear going down it all by herself. Little daredevil!! Thanks to Alyssa for the awesome pics!


Check out that shiner. It looks a bit worse than in this photo. Little D had a run-in with the footboard of the bed on Friday.


Family pic! Not letting go of that apple.


D is clearly suspicious of AR, and grips his apple a little tighter.

So intrigued by AR's apple-eating abilities!

So intrigued by AR’s apple-eating abilities!

And now for a few of my own iPhone pics.


By the time we wrapped our apple picking adventures, it was lunch time. We stopped by a new-to-us BBQ place in St. Charles, and while the atmosphere was impressive, the prices were a little ridiculous. I also wasn’t feeling super great by this point. I made the mistake of getting sweet tea and that just killed my stomach. After lunch, we took a brief walk around the area but almost immediately I felt the overwhelming urge to nap, so we headed home. Later that afternoon, we went to our favorite local park to check out some sail boat races, though they had already docked by the time we got there. Still, we enjoyed a nice walk and some dog-watching. On our way back, we stopped by the grocery store and couldn’t help ourselves when we saw the table of pumpkin pies and pumpkin gooey butter cookies. We ended the weekend with the Emmy’s, which my husband wasn’t super thrilled about, but he ended up enjoying them better than most award shows.

There’s just so much to do in STL in the fall, and I’m glad we’ve been blessed with great weather these last couple of weeks to be able to enjoy it. These are the moments that life is all about!

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