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I Live for the Weekend

Another great fall weekend in the books!

Friday: It was rainy and gloomy all day so I assumed we’d end up staying in and possibly watch a movie after the babers went to bed. Instead, the clouds cleared and we thought (hoped) that the crowds at the annual balloon glow wouldn’t be so bad, so we decided to go. (The balloon glow is held the night before the Great Forest Park Balloon Race, where all the balloons are inflated and lit up for people to come by and check out. They just look stunning at night. ) We went last year so we figured we’d make it an annual tradition. Unfortunately, the weather did absolutely nothing to deter the crowds and it was probably worse than the year before. We sat in traffic for about an hour before we finally found a parking spot. It’s such a cool thing to see though, and D really enjoyed it so I guess it was worth it.


Saturday: Cinnamon rolls for breakfast, followed by some good old fashioned lounging around the house, an afternoon nap, and then a trip to the Old Webster Groves Jazz & Blues festival. The weather was just too perfect to sit inside ALL day (though I did enjoy that nap). Although D still isn’t walking by himself yet, that doesn’t mean he likes to sit contentedly in his stroller. Oh no. He likes to be out, standing or walking with one of us holding his hand for support. At one point, as we were sitting, enjoying the music and chowing down on various festival foods, D started bopping up and down to the music while holding onto our legs. I guess he’s a jazz fan!


The crowd really wasn’t all that bad, and there were a ton of dogs and other little kids for D to watch and laugh at. On top of that, we just had a good time exploring a part of St. Louis that was actually quite new to us. After we got our fill of the festival, we walked a few blocks to a popular pizza joint and had the most delicious fig and prosciutto pizza (the “porky fig”). Then it was back home so the hubs could have a sports night, flipping between his beloved Michigan Wolverines game and the Cardinals game. (Both teams won!)

Sunday: Another morning of cinnamon rolls for breakfast (I’m addicted), followed by a trip to Herman’s Farm to meet up with a couple of friends for more apple picking. (Can you believe almost all of the apples we picked last weekend are almost gone?? I’ve been on an apple kick lately.) Herman’s Farm is a small farm that really looks more like a nursery, but it’s kind of perfect for little kids. They have a “hay ride” which is a bunch of loose straw thrown in the back of a wagon, pulled by a very small tractor. It’s a little silly but the kids love it. They also have a play area with a slide, and a bunch of mini John Deere trikes/tractors/wagons for the kids to play on. Alyssa met us there with her hubby and of course, the adorable AR. Extra special since her name is Autumn and it was, in fact, the first day of Autumn! Angie and her two cuties were also there, and far more adventurous than D when it came to the activities. Her little girl is only two weeks older than D but she climbed to the top of the giant slide and had NO fear going down it all by herself. Little daredevil!! Thanks to Alyssa for the awesome pics!


Check out that shiner. It looks a bit worse than in this photo. Little D had a run-in with the footboard of the bed on Friday.


Family pic! Not letting go of that apple.


D is clearly suspicious of AR, and grips his apple a little tighter.

So intrigued by AR's apple-eating abilities!

So intrigued by AR’s apple-eating abilities!

And now for a few of my own iPhone pics.


By the time we wrapped our apple picking adventures, it was lunch time. We stopped by a new-to-us BBQ place in St. Charles, and while the atmosphere was impressive, the prices were a little ridiculous. I also wasn’t feeling super great by this point. I made the mistake of getting sweet tea and that just killed my stomach. After lunch, we took a brief walk around the area but almost immediately I felt the overwhelming urge to nap, so we headed home. Later that afternoon, we went to our favorite local park to check out some sail boat races, though they had already docked by the time we got there. Still, we enjoyed a nice walk and some dog-watching. On our way back, we stopped by the grocery store and couldn’t help ourselves when we saw the table of pumpkin pies and pumpkin gooey butter cookies. We ended the weekend with the Emmy’s, which my husband wasn’t super thrilled about, but he ended up enjoying them better than most award shows.

There’s just so much to do in STL in the fall, and I’m glad we’ve been blessed with great weather these last couple of weeks to be able to enjoy it. These are the moments that life is all about!

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Time Is Love

Heard this song on the radio during my frantic commute home and it just fit so perfectly with how I was feeling in that exact moment. And really, how I feel every day as the clock strikes 5pm.

I only get so many minutes,
don’t wanna spend ’em all on the clock
In the time that we spent talkin’,
how many kisses have I lost?

Time is love, gotta run,
love to hang longer,
but I got someone who waits,
waits for me and right now
[he’s] where I need to be,
time is love…

I love my job and over the last 8 plus years I’ve never really minded putting in the 50 hours a week required. But I love those baby snuggles even more and I only get a couple of hours a day of awake time with the little guy before it’s lights out and we do it all over again. Weekends are precious, and I’m pretty sure my friends are going to stop asking me what I’m up to because my answer is always the same: snuggling the baby and cleaning the house. It may not sound very exciting, but I soak up every second, every kiss, every smile, every cuddle. Because time is moving fast and I know I’ve only got so many moments before he’s off to school, off to college, off to his own life away from his momma. So excuse me while I try to figure out this whole work/life balance thing, because suddenly life just got a whole lot more important.


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Look, I know it’s too early to be talking about Christmas and I’m typically a one-holiday-at-a-time kind of person too, but I’m a HUGE fan of Christmas music. Especially my Michael Buble holiday station on Pandora. (Thanks to Liz at This Full House for introducing me to this album.) I play it in the car, at work, and whenever I possibly can. After being in a music funk for a few months now, I’m finding that holiday music just makes me HAPPY.  And I rather enjoy being happy.

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Little Lion Man was the first Mumford & Sons song I had ever heard. Instantly, I was hooked and ended up downloading the entire Sigh No More album on iTunes without even previewing it. Then a couple of months ago, word quickly spread that they were coming to STL at one of our smaller venues. When tickets went on sale, I was online and ready, but apparently so was everyone else. Including all of those ticket scammer jerks that purchase tix at face value, times it by 5, and then sell it to people like me. Still, I was determined to go. So I took a deep breath and paid 5 times the face value for two tickets for last night’s show.

And the verdict? Totally worth it. (Even if my crappy iPhone photo below would lead you to believe otherwise.)

Even though we took our time enjoying a lovely pizza dinner al fresco, we were able to snag a spot in the balcony in the center of the venue, and just steps away from the bar. A group of four dudes were sitting on stools in front of us, so they were the only thing really blocking our view. Until about half way through the show when one of the guys graciously gave up his seat to me. He was about 6’5 so I’m pretty sure he didn’t have any difficulty seeing over a seated 5’4 me.

I love going to concerts. I mean, I REALLY love going to concerts. I especially love it when the band sounds just as good (or better) live than on their album. Mumford & Sons is one of those bands. And most of their songs are pretty high-energy so it’s fun to sing and dance around, yelling the lyrics at the top of your lungs, pumping your fist in the air, along with all of those other crazy fans. It’s one of the few, happy instances in which people can come together as strangers, and yet still feel some sort of camaraderie, if only for a little while. Or at least until a bitch tries to steal your spot and you end up taking an elbow to her ribcage.

*Title is a lyric from “Roll Away Your Stone”

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Life has suddenly taken off, like a rollercoaster spinning out of control and I’m just barley holding on because I somehow forgot to buckle my seatbelt. All of my plans, the course of action I had set forth months ago, all has been cast aside. Perhaps I spent too much time questioning. Questioning what? Everything. Navel gazing is a dangerous pastime; one I wouldn’t recommend. It creates more questions, which begets more doubt, which in turn begets more questions, and more doubt until you’re on a downward spiral, a vicious circle that you can’t stop because you don’t know how or when it started. I don’t mean to be vague, it’s just that for the first time in a long time, I’ve taken a moment to stop and ask myself “what the HELL am I doing?” The unfortunate part is, I don’t really have a good answer. I’ve been living, I suppose, but whose life? Is it mine? Or is it simply the life I’m expected to be living? Do I really have all that I want, or do I have what I think everyone else wants? See what I mean? Dangerous.

And just like my former angsty teenage self, whenever I’m in search for answers, I seek out music. So because I have nothing else, I’ll instead share my current favorite playlist of songs. Maybe you’ll like one.

Ingrid Michaelson – The Chain.

Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson – Winter Song

Mumford and Sons – Winter Winds

Brandon Flowers – Crossfire

One Republic – Secrets

One Republic – Say (All I Need)

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  • The crowd gets younger and younger every year. I think I saw some girls wearing onesies! (Edited to add: I’m told these are “rompers”, but they look like onesies. And they’re not flattering on anyone weighing more than 120 lbs.)
  • The younger crowd does have its benefits though. It’s easier to spot the undercover cops (decently dressed 50-year-old men) in the parking lot, busting people for underage drinking and open containers.
  • Although the lawn seats are an experience, the real seats are better. Not sure I can ever go back to lawn seats now.
  • No matter where you sit though, there will always be that older, fat-headed guy throwing his arms up like a Southern Baptist in the middle of a prayer. Hallelujah!
  • White men can’t jump. Nor can they dance.
  • Cell phones are the new lighters.
  • It doesn’t make much sense to spend 15 minutes agonizing over the price of a concert t-shirt when you’ll spend twice that much in beer.
  • There’s nothing like the smell of a concert: kettle corn, hot dogs, weed, and really bad B.O.
  • Few things amuse me more than watching grown men play air guitar – and be completely serious about it.
  • It doesn’t matter how loud you yell. Sometimes the band just won’t play your favorite song. Or Freebird.
  • Concert traffic is the worst. The key is to try to park near the exit, leave early or just sit around and wait it out. But don’t think you’re ever going to get home before midnight without missing about half of the show. Or growing some wings and flying.

Been to a summer concert yet this year? What was your favorite observation?

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As much as I’ve been Christmas-obsessed lately, I want to take a moment to remember Thanksgiving and focus on the things that I am thankful for in my life.

Just some of things I can think of right now:

My husband. Even when I’m having a bad day, he always reminds me that he’s my biggest fan and that no matter what, he loves me. Even when it feels like the rest of the world doesn’t, I know he does.

My dog. He’s always there for a snuggle and NEVER gets sick of being petted. Another one that loves me no matter what.  

My home. It’s not perfect and I don’t plan to stay in it for 30 years, or even another 3 years, but as far as starter homes go, I love it. I like taking good care of it. And I hope that whoever owns it after us takes just as good care of it. There’s a lot of love in that house.

Food on the table. Food pantries are busier than ever (I should know, my aunt works for one) and I’m so grateful that I’m not someone who has to visit them and instead, can find ways to contribute to them. Such as giving a bag full of canned goods to the Boy Scouts this weekend when they come around to collect their bags for their “Scouting for Food” drive. No one in America should ever go hungry.

My job. And not just because I have a job, but because I have a job that – despite any previous complaints you may have heard from me – I truly do love. I conduct a lot of intern interviews from time to time and I’m always reminded of how I felt, sitting in that interview seat, praying to God to please let me land this internship and eventually, this job, and I will never ask for anything ever again Amen. I remember that prayer, and I am still just as thankful as I was the day I signed on the dotted line more than five years ago. Though a raise never hurts.

And lastly, I am thankful for Pandora, because not only do they play pleasant Xmas music that makes me happy, but they even play Xmas music by HANSON, which is all kinds of awesome. Heh.

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Almost everyone I know is having a really shitty time with life right now. Whether it’s stress, relationships, friendships, or maybe they’re just sick, litterally everyone I know has something worth complaining about in their lives at the moment.

Which is why, this morning when I was stressing out about work stuff and wondering if maybe I’m just a pansy because EVERYONE has issues right now, I kind of lost it and cried. In my office. At 9am. For some, this might be a weekly or monthly occurrance. But in the almost six years that I’ve worked for my company, I have never – I repeat, never – cried at work over work-related reasons. But today I did. And then I just got more frustrated, except this time with myself because I should be stronger than this, but that only made me cry a little more. To describe it, it wasn’t a full on sob, but more of a defeated, kicked in the gut too many times to care anymore, kind of cry. To get into it really wouldn’t make much sense to anyone that doesn’t work with me, so I won’t.

Usually I have a firmer grasp on the reality of things. I mean, in the grand scheme of life, my little work issues are laughable. I probably won’t even remember them in five years. So why does it feel like the entire world is crashing down around me?

I talked things over with a manager that I just adore and she really helped me sort through my thoughts and frustrations. Though nothing has changed yet, I felt better. Then that afternoon, it’s like my husband sensed that I needed some cheering up, so I was surprised to receive a delivery of 50 mini-roses. I hadn’t said much to him about work other than I was really stressed, so that surprised me. He’s a pretty awesome husband.

So here’s what I learned today:

  • It’s okay to cry.
  • It’s also okay to ask for help. You may have to swallow your pride to do either of these, but sometimes the alternative is much worse.
  • Talking helps. As long as it’s someone you respect and trust.
  • Husbands aren’t always as dense as they like to let on. They can be incredibly thoughtful and romantic if they really want to. And sometimes, when you think they’re not listening and they don’t really care, they just might surprise you.
  • And lastly, the world isn’t ending just because you have a bad day. But if it is, or you just feel like it is, you can sit beside me when the world comes down.

Post inspired by this song:

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A cappella

I drove to work this morning contemplating my favorite Xmas song. I turned the dial on the radio to the resident Christmas station – KEZK 102.5 – and I heard something that instantly transported me back to my college days (something I typically try to avoid, but this brought back one of the few happier memories).

In college, I listened to the usual college kid music, most notably Dave Matthews Band. What was completely new to me, however, was something called “a cappella.” It’s singing without instrumental accompaniment. My college even had it’s own a cappella group. And for a short time, we even had a women’s group too.

Now I know what you’re thinking. What does all this have to do with Xmas music? Well, every year, our a cappella group would put on an Xmas concert. I even bought their Xmas album. One of my favorite songs was their version of the Twelve Day of Christmas. Though genius as it was (to me at least), they were not the originators of the song a cappella style. The original arrangement was actually created by my all-time favorite a cappella group – Straight No Chaser. They’re from Indiana State University and began around 1996, I believe.

I heard them on the radio this morning talking about their recent record deal with Atlantic records and of course, this song.

The Africa by Toto reference at the end was tossed in because it was the group’s most requested song.

Though this is my favorite a cappella group, I have to be honest. I prefer the Twelve Days of Christmas performance of my own school’s group, but I admit that I’m biased because I knew half the guys in the ensemble. And for those of you just DYING to know what my all time favorite Xmas song is? Well, that’s still TBD, but I will tell you my all-time favorite a cappella song. My gift to you:

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