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I know ya’ll are dying to know what my buddy Jen is having after Friday’s post about the big weekend Gender Reveal. To see pics, check out her blog post!

The Gender Reveal party was pretty much the highlight of the weekend. I also went to another friend’s baby shower, and spent some quality time with my little family on Sunday, staying up way too late to watch the Grammys (and being envious of one of my former co-workers who was there, partying it up with JT – as in JUSTIN-FREAKING-TIMBERLAKE. Rough life, I tell ya!).

So here’s a random question: Does anyone ever cut off all the tags on their towels, washcloths, sheets, etc.? I don’t mean the purchase tags, but the ones that tell you what fibers it’s made of, how to wash it, and where it was made. Does everyone just keep those on there or do you ever cut them off? And what about the tags on baby toys? Do you cut those off ever? The reason I ask is because those little tags drive me insane. I don’t know why, but they’re starting to become a severe annoyance and I’m about to just lose control and take the scissors to everything with a tag. I have no reason or desire to know where my towel was made. And even if I do, I feel like I can read it one time and be over it. I just need someone to tell me it’s okay to cut them off. Or maybe ya’ll have been cutting those tags for years and I’m an idiot for waiting so long.

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Growth Spurts

Every time we cross another month off the calendar, it seems baby D hits a new major milestone. Month 8 has been no different. In just one 48-hour period, we’ve had FOUR big milestones, although I guess only two are really “growth” related.

1. First tooth! His bottom right front tooth is just barely peeking through the gums. We can feel it more than we can see it. Baby D doesn’t seem the least bit phased, though I did notice him chewing on his paci more than sucking it last night.

2. Clapping!! I’ve been trying to get him to clap for about a week now, and on Saturday, I noticed him trying to do it by himself while playing on the floor. Usually, he’ll grab a couple of blocks or other toys and bang them together to make the clapping noise, but this was the first time I really noticed him trying to do it with just his hands. He did it all evening on Sunday when we were at a friend’s house watching the Super Bowl. It’s just the cutest thing ever. I’ll have to try to get it on video soon.

I tend to cheer for him a lot when we play on the floor, especially when passing his plush basketball back and forth, and the look on his face shows he’s super excited to have a cheering audience. He also tends to look at the TV whenever he hears clapping too.

3. First snow! I don’t usually pay much attention to the weather forecasts, so I was a bit surprised to see the snow coming down on Saturday night. On Sunday afternoon, we bundled the little dude up and took him out for his first snow experience. He couldn’t move much in his little cocoon so he mostly just sat there and looked around. I put his little hand in the snow and he immediately pulled it away, unimpressed. His daddy tried to entertain him by snowballs at mommy. This was not fun for mommy, ahem. Then he threw one in baby D’s direction, and it landed right on top of his tiny little head! What a mean old daddy. He cried, of course, but only for a second. Then we all went back inside to warm up.


Looking adorbs in his snow suit. I put him on his big boy coat since his little fleece suit wasn’t water-resistant.


Love that little half-smile! This is obviously BEFORE daddy pegged him in the head with a snowball.

4. First Super Bowl! I have conflicted feelings about the Super Bowl. For the Super Bowl last year, my grandparents and a friend of ours came over to watch the game. I made pepperoni and roast beef roll-ups with pizza sauce and au jus for dipping. It was the last time my grandpa was ever at my house. We live about 45 minutes away and he really wasn’t supposed to be driving. It wasn’t easy for him to lug around his oxygen tank and he’d been sick since Christmas so he really hadn’t been feeling very well and was taking a lot of naps most days. Still, he came over for the game and was teasing our friend, who’s a big Patriots fan, about how he needed to call all his buddies and apologize for saying the Patriots were going to win (our friend did no such trash talking anyway, but it was funny to hear my grandpa tease him). It’s a great memory, but I didn’t want to spend this year sitting at home missing my grandpa so I pretty much invited myself over to my friend’s house about a week before the game, even though she had no intentions of having a Super Bowl party. We ended up all going over to her brother-in-law’s to watch the game, which worked out perfectly. We’ve hung out with them several times now and they’re a super fun couple (with two adorable kiddos). We pigged out on wings, brisket, pulled pork, stuffed jalapenos, chocolate chip cookies, mac & cheese, salad, bacon cheese dip, and of course, the beer and wine was a-flowin’. (Which is why you won’t be seeing a weigh-in post this week. I just couldn’t help myself!) We had a great time. And even though I wish more than anything we were spending D’s first Super Bowl with my grandparents again, this wasn’t such a bad alternative.

The game itself was fantastic, though I really only saw about half of the game and half of the commercials due to all the baby-wrangling, but still. So fun! And speaking of D, he was a little angel the entire time. Zero crying, and even when it was past his bedtime, he just fell asleep in my arms around 8:30 while I carried him around the house. Eventually I just put him in his car seat to snooze until the game was over.

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Just because my husband and I now answer to “mommy” and “daddy” doesn’t mean we can’t be spontaneous.

At 10am Friday morning, my husband texted me to ask about our plans for the weekend. Of course, we didn’t have any. Well, that’s not completely true. I had grand plans of sleeping, cleaning, and organizing. But no major commitments otherwise. Plus, my office closed early at 3pm and we had MLK Jr. Day off so we were staring down the barrel of a nice, long, peaceful weekend.

He texted again: “Want to go to Louisville?”

Not the question I was expecting, and definitely not my idea of a vacation destination, but apparently there was a big basketball game happening on Saturday and the hubs wanted to go, and possibly have my step-dad and his dad meet us there. After a few phone calls, some logistics planning and ticket pricing, the basketball game plans quickly dissolved. But you know what you can’t do? You can’t dangle the possibility of seeing your family in front of them, especially when it includes the possibility of them seeing their youngest grandson, and expect them to not be disappointed if you change your mind.  It’s just cruel and virtually impossible to shake the guilt of getting their hopes up. So the plans went from hanging out in Louisville to just passing through Louisville on our way to my in-laws’ house. A 9-hour drive, just like we did on Thanksgiving and for Christmas, with a 7 month old. So that’s 3 times in just 2 months – the most we’ve EVER seen them in the 8+ years we’ve been together.

Basically, we’re spoiling them and I hope they don’t come to expect these visits every month. Because WOW is it hard. Between the packing and unpacking of all the stuff, the cost of boarding our dog, the cost of gas and food on the road, and the inconvenience of messing with the baby’s schedule – it’s just a lot of work. To hang out with my inlaws for the 3rd time in two months, meaning we’ve spent 10 overnights with them out of the last 50 days. VOLUNTARILY.

Do you see where I’m going this? I mean, are my qualifications for Wife of the Year not clear yet? I didn’t even protest this trip in the slightest. That’s just how awesome I am. (Kidding.) (Not really.)

So that’s what we did. Our wild and crazy spontaneous weekend getaway was an impromptu trip to my inlaws. And the highlight? Watching a bunch of 2nd and 3rd graders play basketball. Although, it was their “championship” game, so I guess that’s sort of a big deal.

So all you childless folks, take note. Even after you have kids, you can still pack up your (many, many) bags, and head out of town at a few hours moment’s notice, straight across the country to a relative’s house where you spend your days watching little league and your nights blowing your Weight Watchers points on pizza and chocolate chip cookies because no one else is on a diet or concerned about diabetes. Welcome to your future.



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Road Trip to KC

Around lunch time on Friday, the hubs said, “Let’s go on an adventure! After work, let’s just hop in the car and go somewhere.” We whipped out our iPhones and started plotting places we could go: Chicago, Memphis, Kansas City, Indianapolis… We even checked last-minute flight deals – just in case there was something really great like a last-minute deal for Vegas. No such luck there, but I did discover that the Cardinals were playing the Royals in Kansas City on Saturday. KC is only about 4 hours away and the hubs had never been, so it was decided. We were going to leave after work and go to KC for a night. (I had to be back by 2pm on Sunday for my friend Jen’s baby shower.)

Despite a late start (6:30 pm) and a few traffic delays (Hwy 70 construction), we arrived shortly after 11pm Friday night. We checked into the downtown Marriott (coincidentally, the same hotel I stayed in 6 years ago for work, and didn’t realize I had booked the exact same hotel until we arrived.) Even though there were only about three hotels in all of KC with availability, I was lucky enough to book one near the new Power and Lights district. Though we felt a little old and out-of-place (I was wearing my work clothes and hubs kept saying I looked like a school teacher with my cardigan and skirt), it was definitely the place to be on a weekend night. We checked out the Maker’s Mark bar, an Irish pub, a dueling-piano bar, and a pizza bar that serves pizza right up until 3am. (Sidenote: the pizza was horrible, but I guess if you’re drunk, you don’t notice it. I was not drunk, so I noticed.)

We turned in around 2:30am or so, which meant a very late start Saturday morning. We checked out around noon, and made our way to the Westport Plaza area for some KC BBQ. We went to Fiorella’s Jack Stack BBQ  (rated #1 BBQ in the country by Zagat’s) and OMG was it delicious. I had the pulled pork sandwich, but hubs had the Jack’s Best sampler platter with ribs, burnt ends (which tastes better than it sounds), and prime rib. So good! With stuffed bellies, we went to the game, marking yet another stadium off our list. Our seats were WAY up at the very top, but we never made it there. Instead, we walked around the entire stadium, checking out the fountains, eating ice cream out of little souvenir helmets, and just generally sweltering in the intense heat. The Cards won (Go Cards!) but I think more attention was paid to some of the flat screen TVs throughout the stadium showing the World Cup USA vs Ghana game. We’d be standing there, watching the baseball game, when behind us we’d hear a group of people chanting, “USA! USA! USA!” When USA scored, the place erupted! It was pretty cool. So we bounced back and forth between watching the Cards/Royals game and the World Cup. Once the Cards game was over, the stadium broadcast the last few minutes of the World Cup game on the jumbotron. That’s one way to wait out the traffic!

Apologies for the phone pic. Haven’t had time to get the “good” pics off the camera yet.

On our way home, we stopped in Columbia, MO (home of Mizzou) and had my first experience with the locally famous Shakespeare’s Pizza. Then it was another 1.5 hours back home. Phew! Adventures are tiring, but completely worth it.

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Weekend Recap

Out of the list of things I wanted to accomplish this weekend, I’d say I did a fairly decent job of tackling the majority of the things on my to-do list:

  • Bathroom – made progress; should finish tiling this coming weekend.
  • Laundry – still in the dryer, but half way there
  • Cooking – post roast was dry, but still edible
  • Baking – Muffins are still delish
  • Shelf – check
  • Driver’s license – check
  • Shopping – Negative. I’ll probably go one night this week.
  • Deep cleaning and organizing – Also negative though I did tidy up the kitchen and living room a bit.
  • Raking leaves – 10 bags done and I was maybe half way there but then yesterday afternoon a ton more dropped from the giant oak tree and looks as if I didn’t do anything. Lesson learned: Wait until ALL the leaves fall from the tree.
  • Power washing – nope
  • Gym – Ha!
  • Visited grandparents and played with the dog – YES! Ended up spending the night at my grandparents’ house Saturday night and was there until Sunday afternoon. I took Champ with me and though I think he’d rather have been home, he still had a good time playing with Tubby. Who is Tubby,  you ask?

This is Tubby:


Flailing his chubby little feet, like a turtle on its back.

I didn’t sleep very well at my grandparents’ house, for whatever reason, and so Sunday I was EXHAUSTED. I ran a few errands, showered, and then curled up on the couch with not one, but two movies. Who cares if it was only 4:30?

First up was Confessions of a Shopaholic. TOTAL chick flick. Despite my recent shopping urges, I’m really not much of a shopper so I couldn’t quite relate but that’s okay. Then I watched The Proposal with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. I didn’t think it would be very good but, you guys, it’s funny. I think I’ll watch it again, but this time with my husband because I think he’ll actually like it. (I will spare him the girlishness of Confessions of a Shopaholic though.)

And then I went to bed. At 9:30 pm. Because I’m awesome like that.


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Three is Enough

Since May, I’ve lost three grandparents this year. First, there was hubby’s grandma, whom I considered my grandma as well because we were all pretty close. Then, there was my biological father’s father. We weren’t very close and I hadn’t seen him in years, but funerals are never really easy. Then this past weekend was my step-dad’s mother’s funeral. Again, we weren’t very close, but that had more to do with her almost decade long battle with Alzheimer’s. She hadn’t so much as opened her eyes in two years, and probably hadn’t spoken in at least five, so it felt like we lost her a long, long time ago.

The only positive about the weekend – in addition to seeing the gorgeous fall colors of the trees in Kentucky – was getting to see family, some of which I hadn’t seen since my wedding. (Which was also in Kentucky. I even saw the preacher that married us.) I used to spend a lot of time with my step-family, especially around the holidays back in my pre-marital days. But with marriage comes a new family and with a new family comes new traditions, so I stopped partaking in the step-family Thanksgiving dinner in Kentucky in order to host my own Thanksgiving here in St. Louis with my parents, grandparents, aunt and cousin. And then Xmas is spent with the in-laws. It would be so much easier if everyone lived in the same town, or same state, but we’re just all so spread out that we can’t go from house to house in one day or even one weekend during the holidays.

So even though the circumstances weren’t ideal, it was nice to spend time with parts of my family I don’t get to see very often. Even if I didn’t particularly care for driving – by myself – for a total of 9 hours this weekend since hubby was out-of-town for work (and attending a U2 concert, 20 ft from the stage as I’m typing this. Not that I’m bitter. Because I’m not. No really, I don’t even like U2.) I used to make the drive alone all the time, but road-trips are always better with two.

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One of the minuses of owning your own home is all the STUFF you have to buy to maintain it. Lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, weed eaters, rakes, hoes, shovels, etc. But the coolest maintenance tool we have purchased so far?

The Power Washer:


We’ve only had it for a couple of months and dude, these things aren’t cheap (or quiet) but it is just so cool to dorks like us.

Just look at the difference on our driveway:



Of course it took me about 2 hours just to do half of the driveway and I’m still not finished but my hands and arms were sore and we ran out of gas. So I’ll finish it off maybe next weekend if the weather is as nice as it was today.

Speaking of the weather… (wow, I just realized how exciting I sound right now. Anyway.) This weekend was simply gorgeous. Very rare are the days when I can just turn off the A/C, open all the windows, and just breathe in the great outdoors. To make it even better, my favorite seasonal brew just hit shelves and even though it’s a still a little soon for fall, one of these just makes my day 10 times better.


It’s all about the simple things in life, like a clean driveway and a tasty beer.

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