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Halloween 2009

Given my lack-luster attitude about Halloween this year, I wasn’t expecting much of a celebration. But on Saturday, that all changed as we spent 3+ hours trying to find the perfect costume. I searched EVERYWHERE for a simple pig snout and wings (so I could be the swine flu) but the pig snout turned to be harder to find than I thought and after several stores, the best thing I could find was an evil pig mask or a clown nose that I could possible paint pink and draw pig-like nostrils on. Lame. So at 4pm, I changed my entire idea and decided to just go as a vampire. 1. Because I already had the fangs and 2. the costume was slightly cheaper than the others ($30 rather than $40 or $50). The hubs had already decided to go as Wolverine, but finding dog tags on a chain proved to be almost as difficult as finding a pig snout.

After we finally decided on costumes, we still had to run by the grocery store for booze, more candy, and ingredients to make chili. We had invited my husband’s work friend and his girlfriend over (neither of whom I had ever met before) so I also wanted to make sure the house was clean before they came over. With only 1.5 hours to cook, get dressed and clean the house, I’d say we did pretty well.

One of the things I LOVE about our neighborhood is the abundance of trick-or-treaters. And on a night like last night – cool, yet dry with a near-full moon – we knew we needed to stock up on the goods. We ended up going through about 7 bags of candy. We have about eight pieces left over and that’s it.

So we hung out with our new friends, passed out candy, and watched snippets of The Great Pumpkin and Hocus Pocus. Oh yeah, and Fredbird stopped by. You know Fredbird. The mascot for the STL Cardinals? Yeah, he came to my house.


Those are my boobs. And the giant black hand is the blow-up Grim Reaper we have in front of our doorway. I love that thing. I didn’t end up taking any photos of the night, but fortunately our neighbors did. And apparently my outfit was a big hit with the boys. Or at least my husband.


It’s hard to see, but it wasn’t a bad costume for $30. And the glass I’m holding is my beloved Family Guy glass. I also discovered a new favorite drink – Three Olives vodka in root beer flavor with diet root beer. Delish.

Around 9, we walked across the street to hang out with the neighbors and their five fire pits. I think there were close to 20 of us, and I’d like to think our new friends had a good time. It’s not often we bring in “outsiders” to the craziness that is the neighborhood bonfires, but we figured they were cool enough to not run away screaming at all the insanity. 

But now it’s November. (GAH! November!) And I’m not looking forward to the next couple of weeks for a number of different reasons, though I am sort of anxious to plan the Thanksgiving Day menu. As much work as hosting is, I just love doing it.

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Just not feeling it

I just can’t seem to get into the Halloween spirit this year. Usually we’re the couple that decorates the house, has our costumes planned weeks in advance, and participates in all the fun fall festivities leading up to the big day – haunted houses, pumpkin and apple picking, pumpkin carving, etc. But this year we’ve done nothing. I put out a few decorations but not the really cool ones. I don’t even feel like dressing up even though the neighborhood theme (cowboys & indians) was picked out last year. I just don’t want to buy a costume or put in the effort.

Instead I’ve had to refrain from making out the Christmas cards, debating Christmas stamps, and playing non-stop Christmas music. I caved and bought some sugar and spice lip gloss, but that’s it!

I did however manage to watch Charlie Brown’s The Great Pumpkin, and scare the crap out of myself watching Amityville Horror (oh Ryan Reynolds, you are pretty with your shirt off). And maybe I’ll watch Hocus Pocus tomorrow, but I know I’ll be one of those people who runs out to the store to buy candy a few mere hours before trick-or-treaters arrive. And unless I want to be the party pooper of my group of neighbor friends, I’ll need to find a suitable costume that hopefully doesn’t cost more than $15. My husband might go as Wolverine. He’s been growing the beard for about a week, so all he needs is a flannel shirt and white tank, and some claws. I haven’t seen any claws at the Halloween stores so I hope he doesn’t expect me to make them. Maybe I’ll just get a pig snout and a set of wings and go as the “swine flew”. I’m sure no one will think of THAT this year. (insert sarcasm here)

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