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The first TBN

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Jen had mentioned wanting to see True Blood. Neither of us have HBO (it is on HBO right?) and the show is such a  hit that there’s a long wait to rent the season on DVD from the rental places. Then I remembered that my friend Nora had Season 1 and loved it so much that I didn’t think she would mind watching it again with us newbies. So last night was the first official TBN (True Blood Night), hosted by yours truly.

Of course, in true Liz fashion, I was running late thanks to a work meeting that ran until 6pm, a last minute trip to the grocery store, and then I worked up a sweat trying to run the vaccum while simultaneously tossing dirty dishes in the dishwasher – all while still in my work clothes. I am superwoman. Watch me clean.

Once the girls arrived, we indulged on “girl food”* and proceeded to watch the raunchy yet addictive first two episodes. It’s nice to have friends that not only don’t judge you for your vampire obsessions, but actually ENCOURAGE them.

*”girl food” is when food that is typically just an appetizer is used in place of a meal. So when dinner is: pizza rolls, chex mix, chips and dip = girl food.

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