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Biggest Loser

Note: If you have not watched the finale yet, but plan to, then skip this post. There are spoilers!

So, the Biggest Loser finale was on last night. Let’s discuss.

First, I should mention that this is my FAVORITE show right now. And because each show is always two hours long, and jam-packed with commercials, I am incredibly thankful for my wonderful DVR that lets me watch this show in roughly 1.25 hours instead of a full two. I’ve only had a DVR for a couple of months, so with previous seasons, I was only able to catch bits and pieces. But this season, I watched almost all of it.

For the finale, I had a plan. I would get to the gym right at 7 and watch the first hour while doing some kick-ass cardio (nothing like seeing a bunch of people lose 100+ lbs to get you motivated) and then I’d come home, shower, and watch the last hour on my DVR. Except, my gym decided not to cooperate and was instead playing Fox News (hate), CNN, Travel Channel, CBS, ABC, ESPN, MTV….but no NBC. And the punk kids that work there? Didn’t care that the Biggest Loser Finale was on and decided to play dumb like they didn’t know how to change the channel on the TV. Bastards. So the only show on TV even semi-related to being healthy and working out, wasn’t being shown AT THE GYM. You know, the place where PEOPLE WORK OUT! I wonder if it’s because of the 24 Hour Fitness sponsorship? Hm.

So I did my workout, came home, showered, and watched the whole thing on DVR instead – all the while fielding calls from my hubby and mom wanting to discuss who had won. “DON’T TELL ME I HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET!” and then I hung up. I also avoided Twitter and Facebook like the plague.

But now, NOW I can talk about it.

First of all, I didn’t really love any of the final contestants, so I wasn’t  pulling for a particular winner. Danny seemed like a pretty genuine guy, so I guess I picked him. I had hoped someone like Abby, Shay or Daniel would make it to the finale, but they did not.  

The biggest transformations? Well of course Rudy and Danny had majorly transformed. They were also two of the four finalists. I was a little disappointed in both Liz and Amanda, the other two finalists. They looked great, but I expected them both to lose a little bit more in time for the finale. But by far the biggest at-home transformations were Tracey and Rebecca. And I didn’t like either one of them. They were both super competitive and a little bitchy on the show, but it was still great to see how much weight they had lost. Oh and I hated Rebecca’s hair. And the mini dress she wore when she first walked out? Very hooker-esque. She’s a pretty girl, but she could be prettier with different hair and a different dress. She reminded me of the opening scene of Pretty Woman, when Julia Roberts dons the blonde wig.

But how about that proposal? Super cute. And the Subway challenge for Shay? My jaw dropped. I hope to see that girl under 200 lbs in May.

Did anyone else see a couple of shows ago how Bob went to visit one of the former winners and how he had gained all the weight back? And then Bob challenged him to get back into shape and lose the weight in time for the finale? Well did anyone noticed that they didn’t even mention that guy at the finale? I wonder if he backed out. Sad.

At the end, I was so happy for Danny. I swear that guy cries during every single show, but I really liked him. He didn’t have a great story other than he used to be a skinny musician that went to too many pizza buffets and got fat, but he was a likable guy with a cute family.

Did you watch Biggest Loser Season 8? What did you think of the finale?

Season 9 starts Jan. 5! Can’t wait!

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