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Cookie baking

Two Saturdays ago, my good buddy Nora came over to help me bake goodies for my neighbors.

Here she is making peppermint fudge (and wearing my Italy apron. She was dressed super cute so I couldn’t let her mess up her outfit).

And me, sans makeup, placing chocolate chip cookies on the cooling rack.

I love chocolate covered pretzels. So easy to make and still so delicious.

Peppermint fudge, chocolate chip cookies, and holiday rice krispie treats. Not pictured are the peppermint oatmeal cookies. Those were harder to scrape off the baking sheet and therefore the casualties had to be devoured. Immediately.  

I bought about 6 or 7 holiday tins, lined them with foil, and put an assortment of treats in each. Then that night at the weekly neighborhood bonfire, I passed them out to all of my neighbor friends. Thanks to Nora for helping me bring some holiday cheer to my neighbors!

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